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Sorry for this, I'm having trouble obtaining a new/suitable supplier for the wood blocks

The footers are improved! We have changed the disc inserted in the block to a stiffer material and it has made a nice improvement! Try a set and see!




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DIMENSIONS =  2.25" L  X 2.0" W  X 2.4" H

We have been working on this a long time and finally came up with something that works for all sources and amplifiers. This project turned out to be much more difficult and time consuming than I thought it would be. It has four levels of damping: a hard then soft, and a second hard then soft configuration. We found the marriage of a hard then soft material really does the job. So then we did it twice!

 $59.95 for a set of four. Sold in sets of four only! Shipping is a bit more as these  require a bigger package and more bubble wrap etc. $7.95 shipping, lower 48 only. Paypal users add 3%.

We found things worked much better when set on a ball, especially those things like TT's and CDP's spinning a disc, compared to other options like a point or flat surface. Movement/Energy seems to dissipate in a more favorable manner for sound reproduction.

As stated, the footers feature four levels of damping starting with a ball on top, the Herbies Lamplack ball(hard) from Herbies Audio Lab, then it rests on a cylinder* made from a synthetic material(soft) which sits in a one inch diameter hole in a an oak block (hard) finished with UV resistant coating which then sits on a Deflex pad (soft) a little over 2" X 2" , the size of the block. Finally a 2.5" X 2.5" Mylar sheet to keep the Deflex from sticking to or damaging wood finishes or the surface on which it sits . It is really tacky and sticks to surfaces. Mylar not needed when using the footer on glass or metal.

I've tested these a long time and really like them better than many fine products I've tried. As always these units come with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee! Don't like them? Send them back for a refund!

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                *************************** Update 10/22/10 ******************************

 We've made an improvement in the footer. Inside the block is a disc on  which the ball sits. I changed the material to a slightly harder material (80 vs 40 on the durometer) which has improved dynamics, HF response and image size/quality a little more.

If you bought footers previously we will happily send you a new set of these discs at no charge. Just send us an email! How's that for service?

                                   EMAIL:   ET(at sign) Econotweaks (dot) com