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order 3 or more 5oz packs and save 15%! That brings each pack to $25.45

              Orders of 3 to 9 packs use the small priority mail box which is  $5.95 shipping
              to the lower 48.  Overseas shipping now available ,email for a shipping quote!









Here is our new product- ECONOCRYSTALS a good size container of Piezoelectric crystals. After experimenting with piezoelectric crystals in my own system with excellent results I am now offering them for sale. I started by trying products from Machina Dynamica and Alan Maher Designs and then through trial and error with type, amount and treatment (read as R&D) I decided I could sell them for less than others and offer that EconoTweaks value. Like all my products they have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Return them for a refund if not satisfied.

Our product is one large bag sold with ten smaller empty bags so the user can divide them up as needed and implement them on their system as desired. I have found the biggest benefit on AC cables where the cord enters the piece of gear at the IEC, interconnects on the receiving  end and inside of CDP's, transports and DAC's. There are also those that put them inside AC plug bodies and AC mains panels (DANGER!! be careful or hire a pro) near tubes in amps and preamps and so on. The possibilities are endless. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Start with one or a few packs, the "exact amount" you may need has many variables. Feel free to email and discuss this with me. Several factors are at play such as how many components you have and so on. I am really surprised at their affect on my system. Crystals have RFI and EMI reduction properties.

I STRONGLY recommend that you read the various threads on crystals at Audioasylum.com in the "Tweaks" section by searching for "crystals" as this will return many threads with lots of information.

                                   29.95 ea + 3.95  CONUS shipping = 33.90 total

                                   email for shipping quotes outside the lower 48 US

                                   Larger quantities can increase shipping of course


                                                 *** CRYSTAL SPECIAL***

                                              Buy three packs and save 15%!

So that means instead of $29.95 X 3 = $89.85 you get three packs for only $76.35 or $25.45 per pack on three or more. Three packs weight wise require the little priority mail cardboard mailer and that is 5.95 (US, lower 48). I also will give quotes on shipping to foreign countries. After many inquiries I've started to ship overseas including Australia, New Zealand, Europe and so on. Send an email with your address for a quote. New Zealand was $17 US for shipping as an example using the small size cardboard priority box mailer. You can also get an idea for yourself by using www.usps.gov - my US zip code in 26711. Use their "calculate a price" tab.


Our site has products you can purchase with a no risk full money back warranty. Our products also have a  5 year warranty. We will repair or replace them at no charge to you in that time. You pay to ship it back to us, we pay the return shipping to you. We want you to have confidence in us and our products and so we insist you like them or you send them back for a refund ( your return shipping not included in refunds) You will have a 30 day period in which to test and try out our product and make sure it meets your needs. There are several other companies with this philosophy and some are listed on our links page.

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